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Using Zoom’s Annotate Function to Promote Active Learning

During this pandemic, Zoom is being widely used for online teaching. As an instructor who teaches Chinese as a second language (L2), I have found Zoom’s Annotate function very useful in terms of promoting active learning and providing instructors with timely feedback on students’ learning outcomes.

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Teaching Handwriting Online, Part 2

Handwriting practice is arguably one of the easiest learning goals to shift to an asynchronous delivery mode, both in terms of demonstrating techniques and giving feedback to student work. Save your precious meeting time for student interaction and demonstrate handwriting techniques via pre-recorded videos.

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Teaching Handwriting Online

There are a number of strategies you can use to demonstrate handwriting techniques online as well as give feedback on and evaluate student work. Choosing the best strategy for you will depend on your specific goals as well as what tools are available to you.

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